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Splitting Long Logs

Splitting Long Logs

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40 thoughts on “Splitting Long Logs

  1. Клинья, те что плоские еще хорошие , а другие как то, слабо … колят. Тебе бы молоток по тяжелей и три клина вполне хватает…

  2. I am from a small village of greece and i can cut much much better than you logs and i am 14 years old. BTW i love your little car

  3. Just a tip when u split big log like that start one n get it to were u can duble up wedges on the next one make it easer n faster

  4. Thank you so much, I’ve always needed to split a large log and couldn’t find anything about how to split large logs on the internet. There were only tutorials for small logs, twig logs, medium logs, kinda big logs, stick logs, and *extremely minuscule logs*. Now I can finally split my large log! 🙂

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