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How to Make Paper Fire Log?

How to Make Paper Fire Log?

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things you will need for this DIY:
5 gallon bucket –
drill –
drill mixer attachment –

This trick will keep you warm this winter!

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41 thoughts on “How to Make Paper Fire Log?

  1. Wait a minute.He didn't show the burning of the new paper log he made in the bucket. Instead, he just showed the burning of the paper log machine's log that he made back in 2016. What a jip!

  2. He used the same clip at the end from a nother video it was on November 7 2016 and it was about the same thing, the video is called diy paper fire logs.

  3. Anyone else notice that for the second half of the video he used his video from November 2016 from his DIY paper logs

  4. I save all my cereal boxes and cardpaper to roll up in the winter and use under the wood for fire starters. Also my paper egg cartons and used tissues go on the bottom for quick ignition.

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